Darlynn Best graduated from  Bradley University with a major in Game Design and a minor in Art. Throughout her four years at Bradley, she worked on and made plenty of games. Even though she hasn't been working in the industry full time for long, she has a lot of experience with several types of engines, languages, and teams.

Her most recent employment opportunity has been at Epic games as a technical UI design intern for fortnite. She worked on a few systems and bug fixes. 

Her focus tends to be on programming UI elements but has also worked on battle systems, puzzle design, and much more. She works the most in Unity but has also worked in Unreal. She is proficient in C#, C++, and Java but is learning Python, HTML, and RPG Maker. She has a lot of experience with object-oriented programming and Unity's built-in UI system. She also has spent several months working with Unreal Engine's widget system.

Outside of work, she still enjoys games. She takes the most inspiration from turn-based RPGs and horror RPGs. She enjoys playing and collecting games and loves to see just how quickly this industry has evolved.

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